Precision Tool & Mold

CEI is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing industry.  Global companies increasingly choose CEI to help produce some of the world's most familiar products.  CEI's international recognition is based on our superior quality, delivery times, advanced technology and price.  Our worldwide reputation has enabled CEI to establish a ledership role in tooling, molding and product development.

• Prototyping

• Tooling

• Molding

• Quality Management

• Product Design

• Engineering

• Product Development

• Product Management

• Systems Development

Plastic Part Production

Competitive Engineering Inc. specializes in close-tolerance, precision plastic part production. Utilizing strict process control, CEI is ready for any size production requirements. Because we offer complete turn-key production, we satisfy all facets of your product needs.

• Turn-Key Production Molding

• First Article Inspection

• Insert Molding

• 50-300 ton capacity

• Assembly

• Secondary Operations

• Part Packaging

• Sonic Welding

• Material Certifications

Our Molding Department is staffed with experts to qualify your tooling and products. Custom quality plans are developed for each program with special attention given to composite selection, cycle time reduction, and inventory management.

Recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL