Engineering Philosophy

• Design for the environment

• Control cost and schedule

• Integrate and optimize

• Define process function:

     - Then design equipment and controls

• Ease of assembly

• Minimize parts count

• Minimum or no adjustment

• Ergonomic designs for users

• Plan for maintenance:

     - Ease of access
     - Develop preventative maintenance schedules

• Create Modular Designs that are ungradable for:

     - Future requirements
     - Process improvements

Engineering Core Competencies

• Turn-key solutions

     - Prototype to Production
     - Service
     - Customer Support

• Injection molding design

• Precision motion assemblies

• Servo/stepper control systems

• Pneumatic actuated devices

• Computer controlled systems

• Integrated vision systems

• Measurement/inspection integration

• Hardened fixturing and tooling for manufacturing


3D Printers are a rapid prototyping technology designed to create inexpensive models early in the product development process. Physical models produced on a 3D Printer allow everyone on the team to review design concepts. The low cost of use allows for several prototypes very early on in the design process, where changes and improvements are easy to implement.


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